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Say Goodbye To Negative Energy and Welcome In Calm, Peace and Balance

energy clearing essential oil

You love to smudge but the smoke and embers are inconvenient and intolerable.
Now you can clear your space with sacred essential oils...
and say goodbye to messy smudging

White Sage and Palo Santo Essential Oil

White Sage & Palo Santo Essential Oil

$ 18.95
  • Our best Seller! A sacred blend of pure White Sage and Palo Santo Essential Oils. Created to clear energy, relieve stress and ease tension after a long day. A powerful smudging essential oil you can use anywhere.

Energy Clearing Essential Oil

$ 17.95
  • Specially formulated to cleanse your space and help you attract your goals through meditation, prayer, affirmations, journaling, making vision boards, or other practices. It’s perfect for anyone on a journey of personal growth.
house blessing essential oil

Peaceful Home For House Blessing

$ 16.95
  • The comforting aroma of Peaceful Home will gently guide you back to stillness and help you feel more centered, grounded and at peace with your surroundings. A wonderful diffuser blend to bless and restore haromony to home.
palo santo essential oil

White Sage and Palo Santo Smudge Spray

$ 17.95
  • Our best selling essential oil in a smudge spray. Smudge without burning sage and incense and enjoy a calming, grounding scent without the mess of smoke and ashes. Take it with you anywhere to clear negative unwanted energy
house blessing spray

Peaceful Home Organic House Blessing Spray

$ 16.95
  • Bless and restore peace, harmony and balance to every room allowing you to feel calm, centered and at ease. A heavenly spray you can use anywhere. Give as a gift to yourself or someone you love.
Palo Santo Essential Oil Home

Smudging With Essential Oils

Enjoy the same energy-clearing effect of burning sage without the mess of smoke and ashes.  Clear and purify your space, body and aura anywhere with a peace of mind

Clear Energy With Your Diffuser

Contact Living Gear essential oils for diffusers for home to clear negative energy

Diffusing allows the spirit of our essential oils to vaporize throughout the space to clear away negativity and low vibrations. Feel the same powerful cleansing effect with your diffuser, without burning sage and incense.

Make Your Own Smudge spray

white sage smudge spray to cleanse and purify your home and office

Clear negative energy anywhere, quickly and cleanly. Our White Sage and Palo Santo Smudge Spray is most convenient way to smudge without smoke and ashes. Perfect for those with smoke intolerance and allergies.

Aroma-Therapy for self-care

Sacred White Sage and Palo Santo Essential Oil To Clear Negative Energy From Any Space

Serene and comforting, our scents hold notes that are earthy, grounding and balancing. They are the ideal companion for deep meditation, yoga and relaxation.

energy clearing essential oils

100% Pure

Our White Sage and Palo Santo Essential Oil is 100% organic. Only the purest oils from these sacred plants go into our essential oil blends.
energy clearing essential oils

Because We Care...

We cater to your energy-clearing needs while upholding vegan and cruelty-free values
energy clearing essential oils

Pure & Plant Derived

You will never find toxins, fillers or additives in our products, only pure oils from sacred healing plants, we promise!

Ease Stress Naturally

energy clearing essential oils
Our essential oil blends were created to clear away unwanted energy and evoke a sense of peace and calm.
Add a few drops to your diffuser before bedtime to help you relax and transition for a peaceful night’s rest and wake up cleansed, rested and relaxed.
When you are feeling on edge and stressed, our essential oils help settle your nerves and inspire feelings of calm, peace and balance.