About Lori and Deb

The Gals Behind Living Gear

About Lori and Deb

We are the warm spirit behind Living Gear.  Our story is one of following your curiosity until you find your purpose. Fascinated by clearing energy and a love for essential oils, we created energy clearing essential oils featuring pure White Sage and Palo Santo Essential Oils.

Following our hearts, we searched tirelessly for trusted sources for our essential oils that were ethically-harvested and sustainably-sourced.  We found our sacred oils sourced from ethical suppliers (and lots of love), and we began blending and concocting!  

​For us, everything comes back to the earth.  We keep our products as close to nature as possible so that they exist harmoniously with our bodies and the planet.

About us: White Sage & Palo Santo Essential Oil

Small Business, Big Dreams

Our small company was born in our kitchen where we lovingly handcraft and bottle every product ourselves, right at home.  We honor ancient smudging traditions by sourcing only the highest quality, organically grown oils grown by small farmers at the source.  


We hope you enjoy the sacred oils of the Spirit plants that go into every bottle, as much as we are blessed to create them.


We hope you enjoy our products as a reflection of the pure goodness that a little place like Living Gear has to offer.

With love and gratitude,