Smudging With Essential Oils

smudging with Essential Oils -
Say goodbye to burning sage

Smudging With Essential Oils

Essential oils enhance spiritual well-being and serve as potent guardians against negative and unwanted energies.


Essential Oils Are Spiritual Guardians


Sacred oils such as White Sage and Palo Santo function as protectors and are allies in creating a sacred shield against negative influences and foster a space of spiritual growth and balance. 


The Power of Spiritual Protection


There are many ways to invite these spiritual guardians into your daily life.  Whether using for your personal spiritual rituals or preparing a sacred space for meditation, yoga or client sessions, these oils will serve you faithfully in your spiritual journey. 


Smudging is the ancient practice of burning sage and incense to remove negative and unwanted energies, leaving behind a clean, crisp purified environment that is free from energetic toxins.


However, not everyone can tolerate the mess and smoke of burning sage and incense.  Most people simply find it inconvenient, especially in the workplace or shared spaces.


Smudging with essential oils will provide the same cleansing effects as burning sage, but without the inconvenience of smoke and ashes.  They are a powerful combination you can use to smudge negative energy anywhere.


Because negativity can be caused by negative people, stress, fear, jealously, rage, etc., they create an atmosphere filled with a dark, heavy energy that accumulates in our space and aura.  


These energies can and will adversely affect our mood, thoughts, outlook and even our health.


Clearing away negative energy is vital to a positive, healthy outlook which is why energetic hygiene is just as important as your daily shower.


Smudging with essential oils is a perfect remedy for those who can’t tolerate smoke or who have smoke allergies or sensitivities.


We took these issues to heart and took to our kitchen to create pure, organic essential oil blends that not only clear and cleanse negative energy, but are steam-distilled from the very same sacred plants used by Native Americans for thousands of years.

Designed To Use In Any Diffuser

Our energy clearing essential oils are designed for any diffuser to clear and purify the air.  The oil will vaporize throughout the space dissolving negativity and will create a cloak of energetic protection. 


Cleanse energy from your crystals, jewelry and sacred objects as well by holding them over the mist.  This will “reset” them and erase any previous energies accumulated during use.

how to smudge with essential oils, smudging with essential oils

​Simple Techniques To Clear Energy

smudging with essential oils

Center & Balance Mind & Body

Inhale right from the bottle to calm and soothe yourself on all levels. The aroma of this essential oil is clean and refreshing, with earthy elements to ground you, woodsy notes to soothe, and a hint of spice to energize. Diffuse to help clear negativity, anxiety, depression, brain fog, fatigue, and bring more stability to your moods. It’s perfect for aromatherapy, soaps, candle making, bath bombs, DIY household cleaners, and more.
smudging with essential oils

Snap Your Fingers

Apply a few drops to your fingertips and snap your fingers around the room to break up and release negative and unwanted energy. Snap your fingers around your body to dislodge negative vibrations then use a smudging feather to brush your aura. Perform this task around doors and windows to seal in positive energy after smudging the space.
smudging with essential oils

Brush Your Aura

Put 2-3 drops into your palms and rub together, then wave your hands around your body to cleanse & purify your auric field. This is especially useful after work and public gatherings to get rid of energy absorbed from other people. Rub White Sage & Palo Santo Essential Oil on to your pulse points, ideally in a carrier oil. This is a quick and simple way to get it into your system and rid you of any energetic blockages.